RDM Gregg - Print

We supply several methods of printing so there is flexibility and choice for our customers.

We believe that Screen Printing is the best choice for overall print finish due to the quality, as well as quantity, it produces. Once you have your design, it needs to be separated into the different colours that you desire – every colour has to have a different screen. With two manual print carousels and three automatic carousels, we can create a high-quality finish quickly, and can match any pantone with our eight-colour print process.



Cad Cut Printing, also known as Vinyl Printing, is more suited to low volume work and simple one-colour designs. The first thing we do is take your idea, whether that be some text or an image, and create an outline for it. This is then put through a CAD (Computer Aided Design) cutter which electronically cuts the design onto a single colour sheet of vinyl. The areas surrounding the design that haven’t been cut are removed by hand, and the finished result is applied to the garment using a heat press and silicone paper. This type of method is quick and low-cost, and produces vibrancy and a bold finish to your design.



We have an in-house Art & Digital Print department where all design and artwork is sent and processed. One of the machines we use is the Roland VersaCAMM SP-I series, which is considered as a reliable and quality piece of equipment. with high levels of productivity, efficiency costs are saved without losing on high resolution picture and performance. The Eco-Sol Max ink technology used in this printer has a high density which means strong durability, suitable for all designs.



We also have an in-house Direct To Garment printing service. The machine we use is the Kornit Breeze which allows you the customer to have freedom with your chosen design. With unlimited colourways we can print anything onto your chosen garment which is especially great if your design is very intricate too. We love to use this printing method for stag and hen tops, as well as one off gift tee’s as this machine is perfect for all designs, printing small runs quickly and efficiently for your upcoming event.








If you have more questions, and would like to look into this service more, give us a call on 01603 400504 or drop us an email at info@rdmgregg.co.uk